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Conferences (Attended)

27 Feb. - 1 March 2019: Conf. Visual Thinking and Morphology at the FSU Jena, with a paper on ‘Johann Gottfried Herder’s Adrastea and the role of the Thinking in Images in scientific knowledge’

27 March 2018: Project presentation at the FSU Jena (Research in Europe: National and European Research Funding) organised by the KoWi and FSU Jena

13-14 March 2018: Two-days Workshop (Seminario di lettura sul pensare per immagini), with a lecture on ‘Cassirer, Herder, Thorild e il pensiero per analogia’

7-9 March 2018: Conf. Il ‘pensiero per immagini’/Das ‘Bilddenken’ (UniCa), with a paper on ‘Scienza e visione nel sesto numero dell’Adrastea di Herder’


26 October 2017: Project presentation at the University of Halle (Auftaktveranstaltung der NKS Gesellschaft Horizon 2020)


16-18 October 2017: Italian-German Workshop Die Natur als Fundament des Geistes (Villa Vigoni, Como) with a paper on ‘Tierinstinkt in Schellings Würzburger System’

29 September 2017: Project presentation at the Doktoranden-Kolloquium (FSU Jena)


28 June 2017: Project presentation at the FSU Jena (Institute for History of Arts and Culture): ‘Denken in Bildern: Von Herders Adrastea (1801-03) bis zum Gegenwart’


13-16 June 2017: XIX ISNS International Conference (Olomouc), with a paper on ‘Herder’s Thinking in Images in Children and the Platonic Reminiscence’

28-29 April 2017: Two-days Workshop Bild und Einbildungskraft: Die Zukunft der Bilder (Jena, with a paper on ‘Bild und Einbildungskraft in Kants Kritik der reinen Vernunft’)

9.-12. Februar 2017: “Herder-Luther: Das Erbe der Reformation in der Weimarer Klassik” (Weimar), Vortrag: “Herders Bilddenken: Wissenschaft – Träume –  Einbildungskraft”

19.-21. Juni 2014: “Schopenhauer Pensiero e Fortuna” (Lecce), Vortrag: “Sensibilità, visioni, sogni: Swedenborg e Schopenhauer”

17.-20. Juni 2014: “XIX ISNS International Conference (Lisbon), Vortrag: “From the Natural to the Spiritual World: Swedenborg and Schelling”

13.-14. Dezember 2013: “La filosofia della natura tra ‘700 e ‘800. Un’eredità da riscoprire” (Cagliari), Vortrag: “Economia della natura e metamorfosi. Herder, Goethe, Schelling lettori di Swedenborg”

28.-30. November 2013: “Biblioteche filosofiche private. Strumenti e prospettive di ricerca” (Pisa), Vortrag: “Schelling tra Naturphilosophie e teosofia. Alcune osservazioni a partire dal suo lascito librario”

20.-24. Juni 2012: X ISNS International Conference (Cagliari), Vortrag: “Plato and Schelling from the Commentary  of the Timaeus to the Weltseele”

3.-4. Mai 2012: “Filosofia e Letteratura. Percorsi di ricerca” (Cagliari), Vortrag: “William Butler Yeats lettore di Swedenborg”

20. April 2012: “The Idea of the Fall and European Romantic Aesthetics” (München), Vortrag: “The Notion of organism in Schelling’s Stuttgarter Privatvorlesungen”

20. Februar 2012: “Strumenti, metodi, materiali della ricerca storiografica” (Cagliari), Vortrag: “Redazione dell’apparato bibliografico nella stesura della tesi”

6.-10. Juli 2011: Third ESSWE International Conference “Lux in Tenebris: The Visual and the Symbolic in Western Esotericism” (Szeged, Ungary), Vortrag: “The Arcanes of the World. Symbols and Mystical-Allegorical Exegesis in Emanuel Swedenborg’s De cultu et amore Dei”